MT.Emei in March-from Malaysian guests-Ching Neng Bin

MT.Emei in March-from Malaysian guests-Ching Neng Bin

"Ni Hao" Greetings from Chengdu. 

This is our 4th day of 29 days in China, flew in on 29th March. 

Day 4 (01.04.2011)
After breakfast we explored the city-square and later check-out of the hotel and check-in at Traffic Inn while waiting for the other 5 members (regular birds) to join us. It was also our rest day in Chengdu. 

Day 3 (31.03.2011)

After breakfast at 6am, the bus pick us up at 7am to the Emeishan entrance.
Ticket at Y150. The park bus took us up the mountain on a winding road.
We could see the gorges and some snow on the ground.
As we go higher up we could see more snow.
On arrival at the bus station, we had to walk to the cable car station.
We all had to pay for snow sock to put on our shoe to prevent skidding on ice.
Walking up the steps, we saw some monkeys receiving food from tourist.
We were at the cable car station at 9am.
A 3 minutes cable car ride took us to the peak at 3097m.
Here at the Golden Summit, we were astonished by the magnificent 4 elephants and 4 Buddha images.  

The magnificent Jinding Temple is at the Golden Summit, one of the mountain's peak.



On our way to the Wannian Temple on another mountain, we had lunch at a village.

It was a 20minutes walk up to the Wannian Temple.
Reconstructed in the 9th century, is the oldest surviving Emei temple.

It's dedicated to the man on the white elephant, the Bodhisattva Puxian, who
is the protector of the mountain. This 8.5m high statue cast in copper and bronze dates from

AD980 and weighs an estimated 62,000 kg.




Day 2 (30.03.2011)

Work up at 5.15am and had breakfast in the room.
Bus pickup at 6.40am for a 2hour drive to Leshan to visit the Leshan Grand Buddha.
Leshan's pride is the serene Grand Buddha carved into a cliff face overlooking the

confluence of Dadu River and Min River. At a 71m tall, his ears stretch for 7m, his shoulders

span 28m and each of his big toes is 8.5m long.


Visited the Ebony Museum on the way to Emei City.
Check in to hotel for dinner at 6pm

Day 1 (29.03.2011)

Departing LCCT at 1.30pm, four of us (early birds) arrived at Chengdu Airport at 6pm.
We took a van for Y60 to town. Hotel at Y80 a room for 2.
We got a local travel agency to arrange a 2day tour to Leshan and Emirshan for Y650 – inclusive of all expenses (one night hotel, food, entrance fee, transport and tour guide).
We walked around town and had dinner at a restaurant – Y240 for 4 (crab & prawn with mushroom, fish intestine, roast duck, mixed vegetable, clay port seafood, fried popia.
wn pourae with mushroom, fish intestine, roast duck, mixed vegetable, clay port seafood, fried popia.




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