Chengdu Airport Shuttle Buses Running Time

Chengdu Airport Shuttle Buses Running Time


Airport shuttle No 1

Stop at the airport Gate No.3 at 1st floor in T1  & Gate No4&5 at 1st floor in T2

Route: Chengdu Airport -----Chengdu City(Minshan hotel

Time-consuming:  30mins 

Time: Minshan Hotel :06:00am--22:00

             Chengdu Airport: 06:30am to the end of flight

10cny /p.p

Major stop : Airport,US Consulates Renmin South RD,Huaxi Dam( Huaxi hospital,Minshan hotel)


Airport shuttle No 2

Stop at the airport Gate No.3 at 1st floor in T1  & Gate No5 at 1st floor in T2

Route:North Railway station--Chengdu Airport

Time :06:00am--20:00

Major stops:  North Railway station,Tianfu square,Jinjiang hotel,Huaxi Dam,US Consulates Renmin South RD, South Railway station,Shiyang Crossroads,Taiping Temple Crossroads,Baijia Crossroads,Huangang Road,Chengdu Airport


Airport shuttle No 3

Stop at the airport Gate No.3 at 1st floor in T1  & Gate No5 at 1st floor in T2

Route:East Railway station--Chengdu Airport

Time :07:00am--19:00

Major stops:  South Railway Station( East),South Gate of Sichuan University,East Railway station


Airport shuttle No 4

Stop at the airport Gate No.3 at 1st floor in T1  & Gate No5 at 1st floor in T2

Route:South of the new Convention and Exhibition Center--Chengdu airport

Time :06:00am--19:00

Major stops: Airport,Yangtze River Crossroads,airport road,North of the new convention and Exhibition Center,South of the new convention and Exhibition Center.




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