Panda - Itineraries

Panda half-day Tour

Gather up in our hostel at 7:30am, we'll arrive the panda breeding centre on mini-van by 8:20am to be in time for panda feeding.

For the next  3 hours we'll visit the panda playground, lesser panda playground, and panda museum.

At the panda playground you can have the opportunity to hold a baby panda or an adult panda for a price.

Our driver can facilitate this for you. After 11:30am most pandas retreat to sleep more. At this point we'll leave the park by meeting up with everyone at the front gate where our drivers are waiting and he will bring us back by 12:00pm

Trip Cost:  108 CNY / Person  

Included are:

Entrance fee (58 CNY)

Round-trip transportation.


Note: Panda tour + Sichuan opera tour can be bought at a discount for 20CNY,totally is 198 CNY / Person

Hug a panda

Baby panda - 2000 CNY
Most of your money goes to World Wildlife Fundation for the studying, protection and preservation of endangered animal species. While the panda breeding center keeps a small portion to maintain its operation.

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