Tibet to Nepal--Tibet Travel 3

Tibet to Nepal--Tibet Travel 3



In two days we have visited almost all the big temples,and Drepung Monastery is my favourite.we happen to see young people beating the ground with sticks to make the earth flattened.They call it A-GA-TU.Almost all the grounds in the Temples are made in this way by local people who are willing to do it for free.



Temples inside are dark,some of them even have no windows,therefore the precious paintings on the walls can be kept from the strong sunlight.

There is an interesting thing that I want to mention,while walking around,I saw a sign on the door NO WOMEN IN THE BUDDHIST PRAYER ROOM.Beacause girl's menstrual period is a desecration of the gods. 




We went to the embassy to get the visa to Nepal(the embassy is near Norbulingka).It is quite easy to do it,just get yourself the paper ,fill up,pay 175RMB(within 15days)to the visa officer,and it’s done.The next day 4pm,we can get the visa.


DAY 5 

We didn’t take any shower for 4 days,coz’ we searched on the web,all said it’s not good for releasing the mountain sickness.but after shower I feel so good!

In Lhasa everything is slow,talking slowly,walking slowly,definitely no running!


Due to the air pressure,you need to watch out when open some bottle of liquid,cos’ they cant stop spraying out.


It’s the day heading to Shigazte.From Lhasa to Shigazte,the driver needs to do the speed limit registration,so that’s why sometimes he drives really slow!!


2hours later ,we pass the Yumdrok Lake.It’s so amazing,probably the most beautiful and highest lake I’ve never seen.We stopped for a while,the wind is so strong that we cannot stand steadily.When shooting pictures,someone is running towards us for money,so we hurry up to get on the car to get away.



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