Jiuzhaigou in winter

Jiuzhaigou in winter

·                              Jiuzhaigou was in my travel list since I had the plan to travel around the world. Spending less money to visiting more places is my travel philosophy. Even through joining a tour was not the best choice, but it only took 350CNY for a 3 days tour, which included everything just except a lunch! This was the best value for money. I knew I would do it

         As everyone knows, getting up early is one of the main features when join a tour. Shannon, my dear travelling companion and I got up at 5 am. the first day. We took a nap in the tour bus. When we woke up, we almost couldn’t close our eyes any more. The scenery outside was just so attractive! It was so different from where we lived.

 The first stop of this tour was Munigou which was in Songpan. I heard a musical sound when just passed the entrance. Everyone couldn’t wait to find out where the sound was from  Finally there was a narrow-long waterfall with ice appeared in front of us. I could hear lots of “ Wow” since now.

         The accommodation was not that good,. We heard complaints very often. Shannon and I were very satisfied with the price and the tour guide, we were cool with everything most of the time.

      We attended a Tibet family party the first night. I enjoyed it a lot, especially we met a young girl who was really good at dancing, and her brother who was totally my type! 


 Finally this national park was coming! “ Oh, my god” was the most words coming to my ears. Waterfall with some of the water became ice, blue ice, and bubble, liked cream. Even through it was winter, but we still saw the crystal water. One of my favorite lake was the one with many amazing reed.


I could imagine when all the plants were colourful in the autumn, the park  would be more breathtaking. I decided to visit here in another autumn.

   On our way back Chengdu, we stopped by some shops, selling crystal, beef and local Chinese medicine.

I swear I would buy some if my money was that enough. After those, the bus kept on going for its 8 hours trip. This time we saw even greater scenery on the way. I loved the mountains, and the river came with us all the time! I gave this 3-day trip 100 points. Jiuzhaigou took  70%, and the other 30% belonged to the total 16 hours scenery on the bus.

        We passed by the earthquake place, and could still saw relics from the earthquake. I was shocked. I noticed people lived in these area were living their life with such a big luck. I could see from the landscape here that there would be a mudslide if it rained heavily. I never felt life was so weak.

       So we came back the third day evening. Travelling helps me extend my mental life. And the next destination is Tibet!!!




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