from helen

from helen


                                                Days  in  Traffic  Inn


“ The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be left with the heart.”----Helen Keller


On the train from Shanghai to Chengdu, I was so excited and nervous. So many people talked about Chengdu as such an attractive place, and I was just going there to check this out!


I remember it was a rainy summer night that I came into Traffic Inn with my little luggage. At that moment, I didn’t know I would spend 10 months with this small but cute hostel, and had no idea about what would happen in my life.


I am the luckiest girl to have everyone here as colleagues. They are people who have strong personalities, know how to experience different lives, and think travel is very important. They helped me to adapt this totally different environment. Thanks to them, I thought myself as a part of Chengdu, and didn’t want to leave. 


During the days I worked here, I met so many people. There were a lot of fun talking to them, and every story of them gave me more and more passions to life. Thanks to them, I knew this world more, and this helped me build my own sense of value.


In the past 10 months, I was in my best shape of mental and physical life. It was hard to express how satisfied, and thankful I felt about my life. If you have time to dedicate to Chengdu, It ‘s worth to stay longer. Beside, Traffic Inn has the best stuff.


I was so used to living here! I am going to miss the food, dialect, atmosphere, especially the people so much!!!


Time to say goodbye, but something left with my heart.



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